Who We Are

McKay Sorenson

Mini Muleys Co-Founder McKay Sorenson is also the Founder of Trapperman Antlers, a full size custom replica studio dedicated to extreme precision and detail. In addition to the artistic side of his work through unique hand-painting techniques, McKay has a range of technical skills as well. Through proprietary mixtures and materials that he has developed himself, he is able to match not only the size, but the exact texture and weight of each replica to the original. 

These same processes developed over years, are what allows us to replicate every trophy with immaculate precision increased level of detail that comes with our Minis.

Cameron Manwaring

In 2018, Cameron Manwaring didn’t even know that certain animals shed their antlers. In 2019 McKay invited him out for his first ever shed hunting trip. From that day on, he was hooked. Through shed hunting, Cameron has gained a deeper appreciation for the backcountry as well as a fascination with antlers and how each and every one is unique. 

With a strong background in Business and Product Development, Cameron saw an opportunity to replicate and celebrate the beauty of these animals in a way that can be cherished and enjoyed by all. Combined with McKay’s artistic abilities and deep knowledge of antler anatomy, Cameron is focused on the technology and software development that makes Mini Muleys Possible.